About Our Program

iGNICA providing ” the Creative Learning Opportunities ” that cultivate children’s curiosity about the interconnected world to support them for being a global change-maker.

Global Cooking

Explore culture, history & ourselves through cooking

Age Group: 8 to 14 years old
Duration: 1 ½ to 3 hours

2030 SDGs Game

Explore how to transform the world by 2030 in an enjoyable interactive game

Age Group : 10 years old and above
Duration : 2 ½ to 3 hours

Youth Ambassador

Become the youth ambassador to shape a better world!

Age Group: 6 to 16 years old 
Duration: 2 days to 5 days (can be customized depending on the request/ Suitable for the weekend camp or holiday camp.


World Peace Game

Educational simulation game to solve world problems.

*This game is facilitated by Rina Mochizuki (World Peace Game Project) and hosted by iGNICA.

Age Group: 10  to 14 years old 
Duration: 15 hours (3 hours x 5 days)

Customized Program

Suitable for 6-18 years old

If you are interested in developing an enrichment programme to your students or community, please contact us or drop us an email at info@ignica.org.

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We provide workshops, CCA (co-curricular activities), and holiday camps for the children in Singapore. Ignite children’s curiosity for shaping a better world through our special programs!