About Program

Global Cooking

Explore culture, history & ourselves
through cooking
Explore culture, history & ourselves through cooking

Program overview

Explore culture, history & ourselves through cooking

 Age Group: 8 to 14 years old
Duration: 1 ½ to 3 hours

Global cooking offers children hands on experience with nationals from that country and allows them to deepen cultural and historical understanding of a new country through using five senses, learnings and reflections.

In this program, children will acquire skills necessary for a global change-maker by experiencing and learning about the diversity of the world, gaining global perspectives, stimulating their five senses and taking action.

After participating in “Global Cooking” and become exposed to various different countries, children are expected to recognize themselves as “Young Ambassadors” by embracing the diversity of the world, sharing the knowledge with friends/family, trying to gain further information about that country, and will stand up for the world peace when a country needs help.

Program’s goals and objectives

Throughout Global Cooking workshop, children will;

  1. Increase their self-esteem
  2. Build the global-mind set which can embrace and can collaborate with other cultures and different grades
  3. Stimulate their Five senses
  4. Be curious about what happens over the world
  5. Build Life-Learning skills throughout cooking & cleaning process


The best thing about Global cooking is not just teaching how to cook but also learning the culture and history of each country. As result, my daughter has been developing a worldly outlook and cultural sensitivity. She is really enjoying cooking and learning new culture, she even cooks for her family sharing the recipe she has learned in Global Cooking. This becomes one of our family excitement on the weekend”

by a mum of G5 student, UWCSEA-East Campus

Are You a Program Coordinator?

If your community (school) would like to host this unique activity, please contact us.

Volunteers Needed !

We are looking for a volunteer ambassador who can come and share your cultural traditions, cuisine and cooking something together. For more detail, please contact us.

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