About Program

2030 SDGs GAME

Explore how to transform the world by 2030
in an enjoyable interactive game
Explore how to transform the world by 2030 in an enjoyable interactive game

Program overview

Explore how to transform the world by 2030 in an enjoyable interactive game

Age Group: 10 to 14 years old
Duration: 15 hours (3 hours x 5 days)

“What is United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?” “How can we contribute ourselves for making a better world?” This game is a great tool for understanding the overview of the UN SDGs in simple way while stimulating our own curiosity to explore how we can take action in the real world. 

The 2030 SDGs Game is a card-based game that simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030 for the group minimum 5 people. Designed in Japan in 2016, this game is expanding globally and now comes to Singapore in 2018.

This game is suitable for the age 10 years old and the above. It is also recommended for adults as SDGs learning programme and team-building.  It can be conducted either English or Japanese. 

Learn more on how the game works here on the official game website or check out this video:

Program’s goals and objectives

Throughout 2030 SDGs Game, participants will;

1. Understand the overview of UN SDGs and how the game world and the real world are connected;
The game simplifies and makes an extremely complex issues to a level that allows participants to begin the understand. While and after the game, how the game is simulated of the real world, and nature their curiosity to learn more

2. Foster the awareness of how they live-in the co-creating world;
The game gives participants a direct experience of participation in co-creating a sustainable world which is inevitable for their world to live in

3. Design how they can take an initiative for making a better world;
The game encourages participants to experience how each of the student becomes a change-maker of shaping a better world regardless of the size of the impact. Then activate the students’ natural instincts to set the goals of how they can contribute themselves for shaping a better world.


What I like the best about 2030 SGDs Game is ;

 Primary schools
(Grade 6, J.L.)

The thrill and excitement when I was (successfully) negotiating with other players. Also me my filling my personal goal by getting rich by helping the World Condition Meter.

 Primary schools
 (Grade5, S.K.)

We were able to understand how the world really works by using the world condition meter and can apply it to our future world.

 Adult Game Players

・This is a fun way to learn, create awareness and be motivated to build a better world for all. (M.Y)

・It slowly make people realise of the right direction through the experience/process. (C.Y.)

・It began the conversation of how “I” can start to contribute to a sustainable world. (J.K)

How to bring this program to your community or company?

We are looking for school, community and corporate leaders who are interested in hosting 2030 SDGs Game. 

This game is an innovative, unique and highly collaborative approach to real world issues. The more diverse the game participants are, the more representative of society it is. If you are interested in hosting the game, please contact us !


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